Commitment to citizenship

As a global company, our commitment to corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability reflects the best interests of our patients, our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Corporate Citizenship at Biogen

Our commitment to improving lives goes beyond our therapies toward contributing to solutions for societal challenges.

Shrinking our environmental footprint

As we grow, we strive to be, in a way, smaller. A smaller environmental footprint can make a bigger impact in the communities in which we live and operate.

Our commitment

Our approach to environmental sustainability focuses  carbon neutrality, water and waste

Carbon neutrality

Biogen became a carbon neutral company in 2014 and maintained that status in 2015 with a commitment to continue doing so moving forward.

Serving communities, supporting science education

We are dedicated to volunteering in our communities and supporting STEM education through the Biogen Foundation.

How we do business

At Biogen, we focus on acting responsibly in all aspects of our business, working to ensure honesty, fairness and integrity.