Our research, development, commercial and manufacturing operations consume a considerable amount of energy, which in turn can create carbon emissions.

For years Biogen has invested in sustainable innovations to dramatically increase our energy efficiency and reduce our operational carbon footprint. At each of our major facilities, we are implementing new technologies and best practices in energy efficiency and management.

Biogen became a carbon neutral company in 2014 and maintained that status in 2015 with a commitment to continue doing so moving forward. This is the result of a multiyear initiative that emphasizes measuring our emissions and improving data quality, reducing our operational carbon footprint, then working with suppliers to do the same. We then invest in environmental projects that offset the remaining carbon associated with our business – including our supply chain, business travel and  employee commuting.

For our climate impact associated with combustion of fuels including within our supply chain, business travel and the employee commuting, we purchase a matching amount of carbon offsets certified against reputable standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard and American Carbon Registry.

Starting in 2015 we began working closely with our suppliers to better understand their contribution to our carbon footprint and demonstrate our interest in their climate strategy. In 2016 we engaged with 20 suppliers, which collectively represented 45 percent of our supply chain carbon emissions. This initiative has resulted in more accurate accounting of our footprint, and an eight percent decrease to our overall carbon footprint. In the future, we plan to expand our work with suppliers to focus on supporting their carbon footprint reductions through best practice sharing and identifying opportunities for improvement

View our Carbon Neutrality at a Glance.

In pursuit of our commitment to carbon neutrality, we engaged an external auditor to assure our carbon emissions and our carbon neutrality assertion. The assurance letter from our auditor can be found below:

Corporate Citizenship Report Assurance Statement

For more details on our energy and emissions reduction initiatives and performance, view Rethinking Resources in our 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report.