At Biogen, we have pledged to aggressively reduce our carbon, energy and water intensity by applying new and innovative approaches to our operations and manufacturing. We have neutralized our carbon footprint and joined forces with others leading the private sector on climate action. We are continuing to pursue zero waste to landfill. We have embraced and are implementing green and healthier building principles at our major facilities as we work to build the drug manufacturing plants of tomorrow.

As a leading biotechnology company with a focus on human health, we passionately believe that our commitment to improving lives and health outcomes goes beyond just the therapies we provide and extends to doing our part to help resolve critical social and environmental challenges that we face as a society. Considering all company activities through the lens of our citizenship principles is not only good for society and the environment, but also for our business, our patients, our employees and our investors.

With major initiatives to minimize our climate impact, leverage the power of diversity and inclusion (D+I), provide humanitarian assistance, promote science education and empower our employees, we are committed to helping lead the way in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. We have set greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals that align with broader global efforts to prevent the earth’s average temperature from warming to dangerous levels, and they are currently under review for alignment with the Science Based Targets Initiative eligibility criteria. And we are exploring ways to integrate the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our citizenship strategy moving forward.

We have also formed an alliance with MIT’s Sloan School of Management to help companies embed sustainability into their organizations and are looking to see how we, as the biopharmaceutical industry, can help respond to key sustainability challenges. To this end, in 2015, we developed a white paper examining the role of biopharma companies in long-term environmental sustainability: 2030 Outlook on Sustainability in the Biopharma Industry.

Our commitment is grounded in our Code of Business Conduct: Values in Action, the Biogen Sustainability Policy and other related policies and position statements. Values in Action sets forth our belief in ethical business conduct, compliance, accountability and transparency, among other topics.

For details on our environmental initiatives and performance, view Rethinking Resources in our 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report.

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